sunnuntai 3. heinäkuuta 2011

Heat is on?

"The heat is on, on the street
Inside your head, on every beat
And the beat's so loud, deep inside
The pressure's high, just to stay alive
'Cause the heat is on "

So, it's that time of the year that we have been waiting for all year. During the cold and dark winter nights, we wish that weather would be warm and days are longer. Now that days are lasting longer and sun is really shinging, it is also really hot. I mean HOT. To make life a easier we have Bob. It is a 15000 BTU "air conditioning" unit. We christened it as Bob. Not to be confused with silent Bob, which our Bob isn't. We also have a R2D2 in our sauna. When we moved to this apartment, our stove in the sauna was weak and didn't heated up properly and it was changed. It "talked" to us much a like it's role model, so we christened it R2D2. Now, about Bob. It really renders this heat wave useless, since it only takes 20-30 minutes to drop inside heat couple of degress Celsius. Of course during night Bob is silent, so that we can sleep and inside temperature is rising. Since Bob is only cooling the air and not the structure. Even if R2D2 is on, Bob can beat it. Well, keeping those doors closed anyways.

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