perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010


Yup, Second week is almost done and much to do in here. And I forgot this completely. Well, I guess not much has changed since last week. Today there is Cruising at Helsinki. Month ago weather wasn't so great and we had little problems but today there aren't any. Hopefully. But today maintenance changed our kiuas(sauna stove, heater) at our sauna. So, tomorrow we'll be sauna'ing...? YAY!

lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

First week

So, this has been my first week @ Perkkaa. And I kind of love it. There is nature just around corner, not too long away from Helsinki and work. From Monday on I'll be cycling to and from work. It's around 10km one way, so I'll be rolling around 100km per week. Which suits me fine, because my goal for summer has been 1000km in 4 months. Last year I was few hundred shy of that. Well, now that my Muru has cycle too and there is lots of geocaches to be founded, we'll be mostly cycling to the caches, but also driving our "geomobile" Kelly too. It's just so great to roar countryside road with steady, sweet and low rumbling sound of V-8... Who need's car stereo when you got 300 horses running under your hood?


keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Last day...

...well, technically after tomorrow I won't be living in here anymore. Last of my stuff is moved on saturday and cleaning on sunday-monday axis, after that I am not going to be live in Lauttasaari, at least not for a long time.